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Parent-Driven Development Podcast: Negotiating A 3-Day Weekend

Parent Driven Development is a podcast about parenting in tech.

In this episode I talk about negotiating without sounding entitled, the harder parts of negotiation, how to schedule your shorter workweek, impact and value, and more.

The Accidental Engineer Podcast: Negotiating 3-Day Weekend

In March 2019 I was a guest on The Accidental Engineer podcast. I talked about why employment is a negotiated relationship, negotiating a 3-day weekend, and why good negotiation skills will make you a better software engineer. You can listen to the episode here.

Big picture software testing: unit testing, Lean Startup, and everything in-between (PyCon 2017)

You can watch the talk here.

A Beginner’s Guide to Test-Driven Development (PyCon 2015)

You can watch the talk here.